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Why You Need an Aggressive Attorney for Evictions

Unless you want a costly, long and intimidating eviction processes, make sure you get an aggressive eviction lawyer that won't put up with the opposition's intimidation tactics.

I've dealt with 2 kinds of attorneys in the years that I've represented landlords:

When you're up against The Intimidator, you face a more stressful, longer process that can cost you more money, particularly if your attorney is The Nice Guy. The Nice Guy will let The Intimdator beat his chest and drive the process, because The Nice Guy tends to lack the cojónes required fend off wild animals and sharky attorneys.

If your personal sanity is important to you, and you want to keep it by settling the legal dispute as quickly as legally possible, then you need an attorney that won't put up with any nonsense from the opposition.

Having been around long enough to deal with every kind of game played by the opposition, I tend to take an aggressive approach to the legal process, and recommend that you do the same by arming yourself with an aggressive eviction attorney.

Unless you'd prefer a more costly, stressful, and intimidating legal process, that is.

- Steve

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